Scrap car removal companies follow a series of steps to recycle a car:

Valuation: The company will appraise the car to determine its value and identify any hazardous materials that need to be handled safely.

Disassembly: The car is dismantled into its component parts, including metals, plastics, and other materials.

Parts Removal: All valuable parts are removed and stored for future use or sold to other companies. Learn More Here

Fluid Removal: All fluids, such as gasoline, oil, coolant and brake fluid, are drained and disposed of properly.

Crushing: The vehicle is then crushed into small pieces for easier handling and transportation.

Sorting: The crushed car is sorted into different materials, such as metals and plastics, for further processing.

Shredding: The metals are shredded into small pieces to remove any non-metallic materials and make them easier to recycle.

Melting: The metals are melted down and molded into new products.

Plastic Recycling: The plastics are processed to remove contaminants, then melted down and molded into new products.

Final Disposal: All remaining materials are disposed of safely and responsibly to minimize environmental impact.

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